social-networkingA social networking service is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on facilitating the building of social networks or social relations among people who, for example, share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections. A social network service consists of a representation of each user (often a profile), his/her social links, and a variety of additional services. Most social network services are web-based and provide means for users to interact over the Internet, such as e-mail and instant messaging. Online community services are sometimes considered as a social network service, though in a broader sense, social network service usually means an individual-centered service whereas online community services are group-centered. Social networking sites allow users to share ideas, activities, events, and interests within their individual networks. We gathered some more information from NO 1 SEO Expert In New Braunfels. You can get all this information below:

Alternatively referred to as a virtual community or profile site, a social network is a website that brings people together to talk, share ideas and interests, or make new friends. This type of collaboration and sharing of data is often referred to as social media. Unlike traditional media that is often created by no more than 10 people, social media sites contain content that has been created by hundreds or even millions of different people. Below is a small list of some of the biggest social networks used today.

Examples of social networks

  • Facebook ( ) – The most popular social networking websites on the Internet. Facebook is a popular destination for users to setup their own personal web pages, connect with friends, share pictures, share movies, talk about what you’re doing, etc.
  • Google+ ( – The latest social networking service from Google.
  • Instagram ( ) – A mobile photo sharing service and application available for the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.
  • LinkedIn ( ) – One of the best if not the best locations to connect with current and past co-workers and potentially future employers.
  • Pinterest ( ) – An upcoming and popular picture and sharing service that allows anyone to easily share pictures, create collections, and more.
  • Tumblr ( ) – A microblogging platform with social networking capabilities.
  • Twitter ( ) – Another fantastic service that allows users to post 140 character long posts from their phones and on the Internet. A fantastic way to get the pulse of what’s going on around the world.
  • YouTube ( ) – A great network of users posting video blogs or Vlog’s and other fun and interesting videos.

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