The city of Oaxaca is well known for the creativity of its interpretation of traditional Mexican dishes, and Casa Oaxaca el Restaurante is one of the first restaurants in town to offer Mexican nouvelle cuisine.

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The gifted chef Alejandro Ruiz Olmedo creates imaginative nouvelle Mexican dishes with a light but sure touch. Dining is in the elegant covered patio as well as in an intimate room located just off the kitchen. With prime fresh products of Oaxaca and the coast, he prepares gourmet specialties. Creative dishes include squash blossom stuffed with fresh cheese and honey; fanciful soups and salads. A superb main dish is pork with mancha manteles mole. Alejandro also conjures up mouthwatering concoctions with fresh sea bass as well as roasted duck and rack of lamb.

The intimate dining room can seat around 20 – a perfect setting for that special Oaxacan meal – an exquisite interpretation of our regional cuisine. Hours: 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Reservations highly suggested AE, MC, V.

For dinner, the chef is available to prepare whatever you might enjoy (if in season), but please make reservations at least a day in advance.

“Elegantly prepared seafood is Chef Ruiz’s specialty, and our solicitous waitress brought out a platter of raw seafood to inspect: big robalo (snook), huachinango (red snapper), and head-on shrimp. The pleasant waitress steered me to the red snapper, and for a sauce – there were three options – one made with mountain pears and basil. The fish, grilled and then filleted, was impeccable, although the fruity sauce was sweeter than I had hoped. I found the garlic sauce with anise-flavored hierba santa on the big succulent grilled shrimps more satisfying.

The finish was a choice of creative desserts, and we were happy with a mamey fruit tart with a stunning mango sauce, and a tower of a thick almond brittle layered with chocolate mousse and garnished with black zapote, a native Mexican black persimmon with dark brown flesh.”

–– Marcela Taboada, The New York Times

This restaurant has been chosen as the featured restaurant at A Taste of Oaxaca where Chef Alejandro Ruiz Olmedo teaches three cooking classes.

Come see us at the A Taste of Oaxaca.

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