New Years Resolution to Travel

Every new year begins with its newness and it’s important to come up with new guidelines or rather resolutions to guide you throughout the year. The most important part is not in making resolutions but in keeping them. Looking at your past experiences, it is likely most of your resolutions are either not achievable or can’t be kept.

Here are travel resolutions as told by one of my best friend and a great Syracuse dentist that you can easily achieve and keep throughout the year. It is essential to make this year the best year of travel.

Explore Your Own Backyard

While you may feel more confident to share guides on the best destinations in New York or Beijing than your nearest city, you shouldn’t lose sight of the gems right under your nose. It’s time you saw your ‘hood from the perspective of a visitor or tourist. Purchase a guidebook to the local area or city and look for tourist attractions or destinations you’ve never visited.

Get out of your Comfort Zone

Let this year be different by joining group tour or even going alone. The point is, mix up your travel style. Travel is one of the most effective ways to shake up your usual lifestyle.

Start Making your Travelling Plans

Most people don’t want to travel because of factors such as career, finances, family, or fear. Well, it’s time to stop those excuses and make your travel plans. How are you going to do this? First, start by identifying the barriers to travel and face them head on. If it’s about finances, start saving; if you are always confused on where to go, go ahead and consult travel experts; if it’s your career, proposing to your boss a trip that can boost your resume might help.

Take Better Pictures

Make your travel experience this year exciting by taking better pictures. How are you going to achieve this? Find out ways of taking decent smartphone snaps. Joining a photographer’s meetup or Enrolling for a photography course can be good the options as well. Don’t return home from a trip with hundreds of snaps that you can’t even edit and share.

Pack Lighter

Don’t stuff unnecessary items into your bad during travel this year. The moment you find yourself struggling to stuff a bumper-size shampoo into the bag, stop and ask yourself if it’s worth it. Restrict the volume of your suitcase. This will help you solve your over-packing problem. This year, downsize and prioritize what you need.

Travel Responsibly

The number of tourists globally continues to increase every year. It’s important to understand the fact that travel choices have an impact on the environment. As you travel around this year, consider using public transport, dispose properly plastic bags, and choose tour guides who respect wildlife.

Learn to Unplug

Let your 2017 travel experience have minimal distractions especially from smartphone. Delete email apps and disable social media notifications to minimize distractions. If you don’t have a travel journal, get one.


what-not-to-do-on-a-long-flight-title-pageAirline travel is one of the most famous ways of travelling today. It is the easiest way of travelling long distance. However not every air flight journey is easy. We are talking here about the long overseas journeys that take 16-20 hours in the airplane. With no internet, mobile phone or connectivity with the outer world, Trust me it’s difficult! So here is a short guide to what should be done and what not to get through long air flights. Commercial water filtration expert visited my office to install filtration equipment in there. We were having conversation about traveling because he was also a travel lover. He gave me some tips about what we shouldn’t do on a long flight which are as follows.

The most important thing that needs to be considered here is not missing on your sleep before flight. This is a mistake which is repeatedly made by long flight travelers. As per their perspective they keep themselves awake before flight assuming that they will sleep throughout the flight. However, one cannot have a good sleep in airplane considering the amount of disturbances like the other passengers, flight announcements, engine sound etc. Imagine what will keeping awake for a night before and the whole flight time will do to your health and body?

People carry a lot of entertainment stuff with them like laptops, Ipad, video games, books, etc in order to keep themselves entertained. However, if the carry along stuff will be more, it can become a problem for them as they might have to compromise on their sitting or leg space in order to keep their stuff. The same apply for the comfort stuff also. In order to enjoy comfort and luxuries on the airplane, people pack many things like neck cushions, blankets, warmers, extra jumpers, socks etc, ending up in using almost negligible amount of stuff.

Another thing that you need to be careful of on long distance journeys is your stuff and belongings. Because it is a long flight and you may doze off any time or several times it is advisable to keep your belongings like your wallet or mobile phone in some secret compartments or pockets of your attire. Stuff like laptop, iPad etc can be kept closer to your body so that it wakes you in case someone tries to get away with it.

One common mistake that most of us make on long flights on airplanes is eating everything which is being served. In other word we don’t want to miss on any food that is being served considering it to be a medium of entertainment on flight. This results in stuffing yourself with a lot of food and at the end getting sick on the flight. Would like to use your sick bag all the way back home?

Reasons Why People Should Plan in Advance When Traveling

Traveling to another place, may it be within the country or overseas, needs a lot of preparation. You cannot just pack your things up and rush to the airport instantly. There are things that need to be settled first before actually hitting the road. This is very important so that nothing will ever go wrong or even spoil your trip. Fact is, it is always being advised to plan first before traveling.

Planning in advance will help you organize the whole trip. You can carefully plan your itinerary and budget your money. Not only that, you can also organize the things in your home. You can plan on how to tightly secure your home if no one else is staying while you’re away.  Doing so will free you from worry and stress on the well being of your home.

travel planningGet the Best Deals
Planning in advance will allow you to browse through tour packages that will help you save a lot of money. With this, you will have a lot of time visiting travel agencies and look into their offerings. My friend who export to china said that this way, you could consider all factors you have in your mind and finally decide on how to mobilize your travel.

Have Everything on the Bag
Another reason why you should plan in advance is that it will help you get everything you need on the bag. You will have more than enough time to consider, list and pack the things you will need for the whole trip. With that, you will not leave anything behind.

Planning in advance is always being advised and it never fails to help in making things possible. So, for a stress free travel, plan in advance. For sure, you will have that dream travel vacation you always wanted.